Episode 48. Seeking Sea Changes at CES

In this episode Shawn and Ross look at two major forces expected to loom large at the annual CES technology event next week. First, we look at the latest AI medical milestone as software outperforms radiologists in detecting breast cancer. Next, it’s on to 5G where we take on Samsung’s progress report and discuss long-term implications for the next generation network in PCs and far beyond.

Episode 21: Samsung Unpacked, the Future of VR, and Apple’s Credit Card

In this episode of Techspansive, Shawn and Ross review the highlights of Samsung’s high-profile product launch ahead of MWC, peer into the future of VR with hands-on experience of the first eye-resolution headset, and look at Apple’s continued services push with a potential Goldman Sachs partnership. Plus, our Lightning Round topics include the fate of Bixby, disclosure about hidden sensors, the 5G iPhone timeline, and Google’s streaming gaming service.

Episode 9: Samsung’s Developer Conference, Foldable Phones, OneUI, and Bixby

In this week’s episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin take a look at all the recent developer announcements from Samsung, including its expansion of Bixby, OneUI user interface, and a sneak peek at its long-awaited foldable phone. Together, they indicate much about Samsung’s struggle to differentiate in an Android world and the evolving ways in which we might expect to use technology as smartphone alternatives become more powerful.