Episode 41. Alexa Finds its Way into More Things

In this episode, Shawn and Ross offer their takes on the significance of the many products in Amazon’s Alexa hardware announcement, with a contrast to Apple’s more evolutionary upgrades. Plus, subscription game passes gain momentum with Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass and the release of Nintendo’s mobile Mario Kart. Finally, we look at Uber’s play to be your life’s OS with its app platform and car network.

Episode 33: The Last Videogame Consoles?

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at some of the major announcements leading up to and at E3. We’ll have details on the Project Scarlet, the next generation of Xbox, the availability of Google Stadia, and previews of Microsoft xCloud as we look at the future of downloads vs. streaming. We also discuss Apple’s heavy investment in Apple Arcade. Finally, we offer our takes on an ’80s videogame brand trying to make a 2D comeback in a world of 3D games.