Episode 124. A 3G retrospective, Spotify releases its Car Thing, and Meta’s speech-generated worlds

With AT&T becoming the first of the major U.S. carriers to start shutting down its 3G network, we look back at the advances that the network gave rise to and how its capabilities compared to the shifts of 4G and 5G. Plus, Spotify releases its first device: Car Thing, a thin touchscreen designed to ease access to its phone-based service in the car. We offer our take on its goals and potential. Finally, Meta continues its string of tantalizing demos with its mashup of VR and AI. We look at the potential for speech as the ultimate natural interface for artificial reality.

Join Shawn DuBravac of Avrio Institute and Ross Rubin of Reticle Research as they dig deep into tech news in every episode of Techspansive!

Episode 13: How Good if your Voice Agent Anyways?

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin discuss the implications of recent tests that show how well major voice agents fare when asked a range of questions across topics and what Apple’s promotion of a recent Google hire to the executive team might mean for the future of its AI efforts. Also, on the day that AT&T launches its mobile 5G network, we share some thoughts about what the long-awaited wireless standard means in the short-term and what applications it may enable in years to come.