Episode 48. Seeking Sea Changes at CES

In this episode Shawn and Ross look at two major forces expected to loom large at the annual CES technology event next week. First, we look at the latest AI medical milestone as software outperforms radiologists in detecting breast cancer. Next, it’s on to 5G where we take on Samsung’s progress report and discuss long-term implications for the next generation network in PCs and far beyond.

Episode 17: Flexible and Modular Displays and Edge Computing

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin talk about some major tech themes that surfaced at CES. First, we take up how flexible and modular displays can blur device boundaries and open up new applications such as full-wall displays. Next, we discuss how the arrival of 5G and edge computing and 5G will challenge companies to develop new application strategies that make different tradeoffs between centralized control and sensor-driven responsiveness.