Episode 34: Facebook Turns to Transactions

In this episode, Shawn and Ross return from a break to look at Facebook's many transactional initiatives, including its plan to monetize subscriptions to content creators and the tie-in to its cryptocurrency Libra. How far can the company go in creating a WeChat-like platform? Plus, some thoughts on what we can expect at next week's antitrust hearings for Big Tech as Amazon and Google decide put aside their battle over video devices and YouTube.

Episode 28: A Week of Reconciliation

In this episode, Shawn and Ross feel the love as they discuss the sudden reconciliation between Apple and Qualcomm’ just as its court case was getting underway and the role Intel likely played along with Amazon’s and Google’s progress toward supporting each others’ video efforts. Then, the Lightning Round includes discussion of the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen issues, free music tiers for smart speakers from Amazon and Google, and Google opening up Android in the EU to new browser and search engine choices. Plus, we celebrate the launch of the podcast’s new web home at https://techspansive.com/

Episode 26: Apple’s media momentum

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at some of the early signs of momentum around Apple’s music and news services. Meanwhile, Netflix drops support for an Apple technology in what may be a sign of growing pains. Our Lightning Round takes on AirPower’s failure, Alexa earbuds and the quick end of Google’s ethics board. Finally, our new startup spotlight looks at Ouvos, crowdsourced navigation for bikes and scooters.

Episode 14: End of Year Grading for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin hand out report cards to five big tech ecosystem companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We’ll discuss some of their biggest highlights and lowlights and assign a final grade for the year as well as consider what’s in store for them in 2019.

Episode 13: How Good if your Voice Agent Anyways?

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin discuss the implications of recent tests that show how well major voice agents fare when asked a range of questions across topics and what Apple’s promotion of a recent Google hire to the executive team might mean for the future of its AI efforts. Also, on the day that AT&T launches its mobile 5G network, we share some thoughts about what the long-awaited wireless standard means in the short-term and what applications it may enable in years to come.

Episode 8: Apple’s Brooklyn Event, Earnings, The Future of Communication, First look at Black Friday

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin dive in to Apple’s recent launch of the iPad Pro and what it means for the future of the tablet market. Also, a look at multiparty video chat and its impact on a younger generation. Finally, why the talk of Black Friday may be coming from the Echo Dot and Google Home mini.

Episode 7: Palm is Back!, Smart Glasses are (trying to be) cool again, and Tim Cook on Privacy

In this week’s podcast, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin weigh the pros and cons of Palm’s new phone that is more than a smartphone but not intended to be a primary smartphone. The sleek device should attract those willing to pay a premium for a calmer and lighter mobile experience. We also talk about the new Focus smart glasses and compare its trade-offs to other augmented reality products to advance the early work of Google Glass. And we close out with a discussion of Tim Cook’s comments about privacy to the EU and how they fit into Apple’s positioning.

Episode 6: Huawei and LG Smartphones and Smartwatches and Broader Implications for Wearables

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin compare and contrast the recent phone and smartwatch launches from LG and Huawei. What do different smartwatch paths say about Google’s strategy and the future of wearables in the mass market? Plus, real estate that anticipates autonomous vehicles and an Alexa-equipped food preservation device that can measure and track consumption.

Episode 5: Google’s New Hardware, Magic Leap, Essential, and NDC

[n this week’s episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin dive deep into Google’s AI-driven device announcements covering the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Home Hub. Can these new products compete and drive volume for the search giant? We’ll also trade thoughts on what Essential could be building with its rumored agent-driven phone and share some impressions of Magic Leap’s announcements at its augmented reality developer event. Plus, get ready for the a la carte future of airline ticket purchases.