California Proposition 22

Episode 75. Election Winners? The Gig Economy, Data Privacy, and Social Media Friction

Join Shawn DuBravac of Avrio Institute and Ross Rubin of Reticle Research as they provide insights on this week’s biggest tech stories, including:
—What the passing of California’s Proposition 22 means for Uber, Lyft, and other gig economy companies
—How California Privacy Rights Act (Proposition 24) and Michigan’s Proposition 2 could help shape national data privacy law.
—How social media has responded to baseless election claims and what it means for the future of disinformation.

Episode 23: Spotify v. Apple and Microsoft’s Cross-platform Ambitions

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at the dynamics at play in the competitive dispute between Spotify and Apple as well as major trends in the games market such as Microsoft’s cross-platform ambitions. Finally, in our Lightning Round, Garmin makes its Marq on luxury watches, Lyft justifies its scooter and bike push, and Google Docs makes sure kids get the message.