Episode 128. As Apple and Google respond to payments pressure, collaboration apps raise the bar for hybrid work

In this episode, we dive deep into the contrast between how Apple and Google have responded to regulatory pressure as Google experiments with letting Spotify use alternative payment schemes for its apps. Plus, we discuss why Apple and Google have shuffled their apps for acquiring video content. Finally, as Zoom embraces avatars, we look at the bevy of announcements from collaboration vendors such as Cisco’s Webex and Microsoft Teams as the realities of hybrid work set in.

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Episode 62. Fast Breaks: 5G, Apple, and Microsoft Teams

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at the latest developments among the major carriers’ 5G rollouts, as well as how T-Mobile is keeping up its pro-consumer messaging as it retires the Sprint brand. Next, we look at Apple’s opportunity to grow the Mac’s share as it adds more homegrown tech form its iPad and iPhone lines. Finally, we explore Microsoft’s smart marketing move in working with the NBA to have fans join basketball games via Microsoft Teams on giant displays as Microsoft’s Slack competitor keeps rolling along.