Episode 101: nVidia’s AI gauntlet, Twitter tells us the weather, and Huawei hatches HarmonyOS

Join Shawn DuBravac of Avrio Institute and Ross Rubin of Reticle Research as they provide insights on the biggest tech stories, including:

—what the Computex announcements from nVidia and AMD mean for the future of graphics acceleration and AI

—why Twitter’s bet on collectives could prove stickier for creators than Substack

—how Huawei might win allies in the uphill battle that faces with its Android variant, HarmonyOS

Episode 61. Trips, Chips and Memberships

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at the latest moves in the self-driving car space as Elon Musk says Tesla is close to perfecting fully autonomous cars in the wake of Amazon buying startup Zoox. Next, we look at the potential for a subscription-based Twitter and how that social network’s latest moves contrast with Facebook’s. Finally, as Nvidia passes Intel’s market cap, we take a look at the initial benchmarks at the chips that will be powering the next generation of Macs.