Episode 108. Google hypes AI prowess with Tensor chips, Tinder hooks up with group video, and Sony soars as Nintendo dives

In this episode, we look at Google’s decision to leave the Qualcomm fold as the maker of struggling Pixel phones hopes to boost its fortunes by boosting AI capabilities with custom silicon even as Qualcomm-loyal Xiaomi reaches new heights of success. Plus, how Match Group adding group video to its dating sites marks the latest in social app functional crossover. Finally, as Sony shows us that millions of people have somehoe procured a PlayStation 5, we discuss how Nintendo has become an early victim of pandemic-era comps.

Episode 91. Sony and Facebook get a grip, social networks jump into audio and newsletters, and the “I’m a Mac” guy switches sides

Join Shawn DuBravac of Avrio Institute and Ross Rubin of Reticle Research as they provide insights on the biggest tech stories, including:
-how Sony and Facebook are defining control of extended reality with controllers and wearables
-whether Facebook’s curtailing of groups can help improve its user experience as it and Twitter take on Substack and Clubhouse
—how Apple and Intel are reviving old commercial characters as they again become silicon rivals

Episode 59. Sony’s Plans Lit; Sonos Gets Hit

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at two companies that stand to benefit from a continued emphasis on the digital home. First, Sony reveals the PlayStation 5, a major milestone that’s expected to set a new standard in console graphics while testing the pockets of early adopters. We look at how the landscape is shaking out for the 2020 holiday seasons nd beyond. Meanwhile, Sonos gets slapped by Google with a countersuit to the patent infringement case that it launched against the mammoth tech company earlier this year. We offer our take on what the real threats are to Sonos and what it may mean for the future of agent technology in home audio.