Episode 131. TikTok shares its Pulse, Fortnite goes free in the cloud, and T-Mobile brings 5G home

As we await the role of advertising in post-Musk Twitter, we talk about the implications of TikTok matchmaking advertisers and stars and sharing ad revenue with TikTok Pulse. Meanwhile, pandemic breakout Cameo is cutting back. Next, Microsoft and Epic Games are teaming up to bring Fortnite back to iOS and other major platforms via a free tier of Game Pass. We discuss the implications for cloud gaming and the free-to-play model. Finally, we look at how T-Mobile is putting 5G to the test with its new fixed wireless broadband service and whether it can pull off the same level of disruption as it has in mobile.

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Episode 52. Another Week of Social Distancing. Amazon, Zoom, and the new T-Mobile-Sprint

In this episode, Shawn and Ross continue looking at COVID-19’s impact on tech companies, including Amazon and Zoom, two that have seen significant scrutiny while acting as key resources for many businesses and consumers. Plus, a look at the completion of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger and how investment in 5G could change the game if quarantines are needed in the future.