Episode 109. Facebook’s metaverse escape, Google’s Play payola, and Tesla’s robots probably won’t kill

The government is back in Facebook’s face. We discuss the dynamics of the new category battleground as well as how its Horizon VR Workrooms advance its metaverse ambitions. Next, a look at whether Google’s tactics in keeping its app store on top crossed a line. Finally, we discuss the potential of Tesla’s humanoid robot.

Episode 61. Trips, Chips and Memberships

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at the latest moves in the self-driving car space as Elon Musk says Tesla is close to perfecting fully autonomous cars in the wake of Amazon buying startup Zoox. Next, we look at the potential for a subscription-based Twitter and how that social network’s latest moves contrast with Facebook’s. Finally, as Nvidia passes Intel’s market cap, we take a look at the initial benchmarks at the chips that will be powering the next generation of Macs.