Episode 86. Cuban clubs Clubhouse, Salesforce quits its day job, and TikTok winds down the clock

Join Shawn DuBravac of Avrio Institute and Ross Rubin of Reticle Research as they provide insights on the biggest tech stories, including:
—how the race to compete with surging Clubhouse fits in with social media revenue diversification
-how Salesforce has boosted Slack’s promise by declaring the death of 9-to-5
—what the TikTok policy change could mean for U.S. policy toward China tech

Episode 63. When Samsung’s Galaxy Meets Microsoft’s World

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at Samsung’s latest announcements, including its latest smartphone tour de force, the Galaxy Note 20, its attempt at Android tablet relevance with the Tab S7, and its promising preview of the next Galaxy Fold Z. Meanwhile, as the electronics giant steps up its relationship with Microsoft, we take on why its corporate-focused partner would have interest in TikTok, as well as the challenges that it and other Big Tech rivals face as they navigate the rules of Apple’s app store with streaming game services.