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Episode 83. Biden and Big Tech, IDing Rioters, and Apple’s VR Pivot

Join Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin as they provide insights on the biggest tech stories, including:
—what Biden administration policies and priorities will mean for tech companies
—how a website identifying faces from the Capitol riot has implications for privacy
-what Apple gains and loses if it pursues a VR headset

Episode 21: Samsung Unpacked, the Future of VR, and Apple’s Credit Card

In this episode of Techspansive, Shawn and Ross review the highlights of Samsung’s high-profile product launch ahead of MWC, peer into the future of VR with hands-on experience of the first eye-resolution headset, and look at Apple’s continued services push with a potential Goldman Sachs partnership. Plus, our Lightning Round topics include the fate of Bixby, disclosure about hidden sensors, the 5G iPhone timeline, and Google’s streaming gaming service.